Hear What our Clients Have to Say About Us

Music therapy uses my son's love for music to teach him how to learn, play and interact with people. He used to be very unhappy and appeared unteachable, but music therapy broke down that wall and opened the door for him to learn in other settings. Now he is excelling in all of his therapies and schooling. It seems that every major accomplishment he does first happens during a music therapy session.”– Parent of a child with autism

“My daughter has had major challenges academically and socially for her whole life. Since beginning music therapy, all her teachers are amazed at the progress she has made. Her academic skills have greatly improved and her communication skills have probably progressed more than ever before in her life. This has truly affected her social success and self–esteem, and I attribute a large part of this social and academic progress to the expertise of her music therapist. The skills my daughter is learning in music therapy have transferred to nearly every other aspect of her life.”– Parent of a child with autism and mild developmental delay

“Before starting music therapy, my grandchild was unable to tolerate loud noises, could not comprehend anything he tried to read, was a poor communicator, and was unable to socialize with other children.  Through music therapy, this has all changed.  For the first time he was able to attend a fireworks display and sit through a movie at the theater without shutting down or running away.  He can articulate information read to him when asked, he is beginning to express feelings, and he is beginning to play and socialize with children at school.” – Grandparent of a child with autism and sensory processing disorder

Music therapy has been great for my son. Through music therapy we are able to address his academic goals and sensory issues in a way that is fun for him. Since beginning music therapy, his sound sensitivities have decreased and his ability to attend and focus has improved. He loves his music time and always looks forward to spending time with his music therapist.”– Parent of a child with autism

“Through music therapy my son has developed an increased attention span and compliance, stronger math scores, and more appropriate interpersonal skills. His improvement has been awe–inspiring, and through it all, music has become one of his favorite activities, but more importantly it has become a discipline, an outlet and a love.”

– Parent of a child with autism, sensory processing disorder, and other developmental and neurological disorders

“My child has severe speech apraxia and before music therapy, she would not imitate any sounds. Since she began music therapy, she has been imitating words and musical phrases and her speech therapist is amazed! I credit her music therapist for this breakthrough.”– Parent of a child with multiple developmental and learning disabilities