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Music Therapy Intern Stephany Rhodes

Stephany Rhodes

Music Therapy Intern 


Stephany has worked in a skilled nursing facility and rehabilitation center, in an after school preschool group, in a middle school special education classroom, and in a private music therapy session as part of her practicum experiences. She has worked with individuals with speech, motor, and cognitive difficulties in all of the populations listed above. As part of her volunteer experience for her degree program she taught adapted piano lessons, visited with individuals in a nursing home, and played music for a group at an assisted living facility.

Areas of Interest

Stephany is interested in children with developmental disabilities. Her main instrument is oboe, which she studied classically for 11 years, and studied classical piano for 10. She also taught herself saxophone in high school and learned guitar for therapy purposes in college. She has taught swim lessons for 7 years and valued the experience of helping a child grow and learn new skills. This has translated into her hopeful path in music therapy. 

Why Stephany Wants to Become a Music Therapist

Stephany began piano lessons at the age of 10 and oboe at the age of 12. Ever since the day she began playing oboe in middle school band, she knew she wanted to do something with music for the rest of her life. The further she got into her music education she realized she wasn’t interested in music education or performance and didn’t know what else to do with music until a family friend introduced her to music therapy. Music therapy combines Stephany’s skill set to create a career in music that directly benefits other people which is very exciting to her.


Stephany recently completed undergraduate coursework for a Bachelor's degree in music therapy at Colorado State University. She plans to become a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) following completion of her internship.


Stephany Rhodes 

Music Therapy Intern