New Design and Interactive Features

brain-overview-web-button.pngAfter much anticipation and countless hours of hard work, NeuroRhythm is excited to announce the launching of our new, completely redesigned website! This website has a new look that incorporates the new logo and slogan with picture icons: "Science, Creativity, Compassion." It also provides viewers with more information about music therapy and why it works, including an interactive map of the brain through which viewers can learn about the science behind the music: the fact that music is processed in the whole brain and music enhances and optimizes the brain, providing better, more efficient therapy.  Don't miss this interactive visual "Music Therapy and the Brain" experience on our Music Therapy Science webpage!

New Blog, Photos and Videos

We added a blog to our website for news, announcements and articles. Our website also features new photos of music therapy in action that are organized into albums by goal area such as Cognitive, Motor, or Speech/Language. We now have videos of music therapy in action that are also in different albums. Don't forget to watch NeuroRhythm on News Channel 13, an interview with NeuroRhythm and a military parent of a child with autism, and video footage of a music therapy session.  For the full story, see our blog entry.


NeuroRhythm wishes to thank the talented team at Altitude Studios for their outstanding work redesigning all our marketing materials, including this website. Altitude has consistently delivered top quality work with a high level of creativity and professionalism. Thank you Altitude Studios!