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Wellness & Essential Oils


Many of our clientele have heightened sensitivity to synthetics, chemicals, and other environmental toxins. They often express interest in natural healthy living and/or essential oils. NeuroRhythm can help improve overall wellness through brain based music therapy services and therapeutic grade essential oils. 

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are distilled from the stems, bark, leaves, flowers and other parts of plants. These highly concentrated plant extracts deliver powerful compounds and constituents that support physical and emotional wellbeing. It only takes 22 seconds for essential oil molecules to reach the brain. After 2 minutes, they can be found in the blood stream. After 20 minutes, every cell in the body is affected. Many people use therapeutic grade essential oils to support their overall health and wellness.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

NeuroRhythm only uses Young Living brand essential oils due to their high quality control and therapeutic grade. Therapeutic grade essential oils are the only type that are safe for aromatic diffusing, topical use, and internal ingestion. Therapeutic grade essential oils cannot be purchased at drug stores or most online stores such as Amazon. Young Living essential oils and products can only be purchased through a Young Living distributor. 

How does NeuroRhythm incorporate essential oils into wellness services?

Music Therapy Sessions, Consultations, & Presentations

We may discuss some benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils with clients and professionals when appropriate, as part of a whole brain and body wellness approach. Essential oils can be used during music therapy sessions, consultations, or presentations to enhance therapeutic benefits. The most common way we use essential oils in sessions, consultations, or presentations is by diffusing them aromatically when requested. NeuroRhythm always obtains consent prior to using essential oils with others.

Chemical Free Cleaning Procedures

NeuroRhythm uses chemical free cleaning products and we clean instruments during every session, so you can trust that they are safe for your loved one.

Our Dress Code

We are aware of how sensitive some people can be to synthetic and chemical scents. Therefore, we use discretion and wear no perfume or cologne, light perfume or cologne, or natural, synthetic free and chemical free scents.


We are not licensed aromatherapists and we adhere to the American Music Therapy Association’s Code of Ethics and Professional Competencies. 


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